Send a message of caring – and support mission at the same time

A “Thinking of You” card would lift the spirits of your neighbors.  “Thank You” cards would let your child’s teachers know how much you appreciate their work.  There are also Gift to Mission cards for Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Peace, In the Service of Christ, On Your Special Day, Christmas, and a new Baby.  A Gift in Memory would send your caring thoughts to someone experiencing the loss of a loved one.

Our district treasurer, Marilyn Cannon, has a number of Gift to Mission and Gift in Memory cards on hand and they want to get them in your hands so you can send a note of cheer or comfort to friends and family.  Each card is available for a minimum of $5, which becomes part of the total unrestricted Mission Giving of the Rio Texas Conference UMW.

Contact Marilyn Cannon to arrange for payment and pickup or shipping of the card(s) you want.  If you have the cards mailed to you, please add in at least a couple of dollars to cover the cost of postage.  Note that the cards you receive may feature designs different from the ones pictured here.

In the next days and weeks and months, let’s use this opportunity to strengthen the “creative, supportive fellowship” with which we are blessed every day.

Legacy Fund News

March 2020


We have exciting news to report.  The Legacy Fund Endowment is currently at $31,068,959 and growing.  The endowment is performing well, already bringing in over $4.9 million in interest.  It is money that is working for us!  


As a permanently invested endowment, The Legacy Fund will forever be a source of income for United Methodist Women.  Therefore, we are continuing to fundraise, promote, and grow the fund to reach and surpass our $60 million goal by securing major gifts, 1869 Society planned gifts, monthly Legacy Builder pledges, and gifts to the Every Member Campaign.


Mission giving must always come first because it supports all of the current mission and advocacy work we are doing as an organization.  The Legacy Fund Endowment is money for our future.  Proceeds from the invested funds will endow future core expenses so that even more money can be directed to support and grow vital mission work throughout our country and the world.  


We ask you to continue to promote and support The Legacy Fund throughout your local units.  Our gifts are at work! 

Finger prayer Labyrinths

From: OAK HILL United Methodist Women, Texas

March 04, 2016    11:54am

“This morning I mailed our 25 finger prayer labyrinths for General Conference. I took a couple of pictures to document our efforts.”

Linda Moore

Thank you Linda for sharing and make such beautiful finger prayer Labyrinths.

UMW Capital District


Austin District Gets New Website & Facebook Page

Written by artkade on September 24, 2015. Posted in News

The Capital District Team Member of Communications and Website, Iliana Gonzalez, has been busy working with Artkade to get us a new website. She also has been working hard on getting us a Facebook page. We hope to get your feedback and to participate on our Facebook feed, to share ideas and experiences.

You can find our Facebook page here.

Youth Groups Visit Montopolis Friendship Community Center

Written by artkade on September 20, 2015. Posted in News

The UM Army youth group, from First UMC Pflugerville and some friends from their area, came over to MFCC on July 8, 9 and 10th. On July 25th the youth group from Cedar Park UMC came for a work out.

The group from Cedar Park UMC brought along friends from Japan who are visiting churches in the United States. All of the youth took the center by storm. Their many projects included painting, yard work, cleaning closets, and working in the Clothing Room. The Center is now so clean it sparkles, and prepares the United Methodist Women for the new school year and fall programs.