Legacy Fund

United Methodist Women continues to build upon the foundation set forth by our founders almost 150 years ago. Yet the difficulties encountered by women, children and youth around the world continue to sustain separation from life affirming compassionate care and support that heals, restores and empowers. Imagine what is achievable, what is possible, if United Methodist Women had the resources to deepen and expand its mission to transform lives and ignite change in places near and far.

In 2014, the Board of Directors launched the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign, setting a goal to raise $60 million. The Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign is both historic and unprecedented, with the campaign's theme, Together, we are building our legacy, celebrating the legacy of the courageous women who founded this mission movement, as well as the legacy that today's members will leave for future generations of United Methodist women, to create their legacy to carry the mission of faith, hope, love in action forward in the world for years to come.

Legacy Fund News

March 2020

We have exciting news to report. The Legacy Fund Endowment is currently at $31,068,959 and growing. The endowment is performing well, already bringing in over $4.9 million in interest. It is money that is working for us!

As a permanently invested endowment, The Legacy Fund will forever be a source of income for United Methodist Women. Therefore, we are continuing to fundraise, promote, and grow the fund to reach and surpass our $60 million goal by securing major gifts, 1869 Society planned gifts, monthly Legacy Builder pledges, and gifts to the Every Member Campaign.

Mission giving must always come first because it supports all of the current mission and advocacy work we are doing as an organization. The Legacy Fund Endowment is money for our future. Proceeds from the invested funds will endow future core expenses so that even more money can be directed to support and grow vital mission work throughout our country and the world.

We ask you to continue to promote and support The Legacy Fund throughout your local units. Our gifts are at work!


The Capital District receives donations 3 times a year. The times to donate for the upcoming year are:

  • January 2019
  • March 2019
  • October 2019

Thank you for your donations!

Help Your Local Unit

Local units can receive donations all year long. They need your help so don’t forget when you can to donate to your local unit. You may do so by downloading this form and giving it to your local unit