Mission U

Each year, United Women in Faith members and non-members prepare for faithful living and action by engaging in transformative educational experiences at Mission u events. These events are centered around Mission u curricula that are designed to motivate, inform, and enrich our commitment to global ministry.

Join us at Mission u as we explore the good news and what it means for our lives! Curricula are available for all ages so families are encouraged to attend together!

Mission u will take place in conference and local events across the country each summer.

2023: Living the Kin-Dom

Jesus’ teachings in the Gospels proclaim the good news of the kin-dom or reign (basileia) of God. In fact, Jesus mentions the kin-dom 90 times in the Synoptic Gospels! What does the Bible tell us about God’s basileia and why do we call it the kin-dom? For Jesus, the kin-dom was not simply something to talk about but something we could live and experience. From the Lord’s Prayer to the beatitudes to the parables, this good news is at the heart of Jesus’ preaching, teaching and ministry.

Come! Let’s explore together the heart of Jesus’ good news and what fresh vision it offers us as we seek to be in mission today.

Learn more at https://uwfaith.org/events/mission-u/